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Let Libations Promote Your Brand

Libations, LLC, Cleveland’s premier beverage hosting company specializing in off premise beverage catering, is pleased to announce that our services will include marketing and promotional expertise such as 

For more details and information, contact David J. Scully, President, Libations, at scully@libationslive.com or call 440.799.4079.


David Scully, President

I started Libations in 2008 as a private bevearage catering company, that has grown today into Ohio's premier event resource, providing our clients with a premium mobile beverage services and brand ambassadorship.

I believe that by doing things the right way with the right people, we are a resource that surpasses every expectation.


Sarah O'Brien, District Manager Toledo

Sarah is the District Manager of Toledo and coordinates off premise events throughout Toledo and Columbus, while working with a variety of suppliers and distributors in Ohio.

Sarah's favorite beverage is a good Cabernet Sauvignon, though lately she's developed a taste for craft tequilas.  Her hobbies include cooking with family, watching sports (GO BROWNS!), and
exploring the outdoors.